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What to expect

After your

What to expect after your stay

Completing your treatment is a meaningful milestone in your journey and signifies your success establishing a safe and strong foundation for recovery. To help maintain your tremendous progress and ensure your continued success, we work directly with you, your community treatment providers, and your support networks throughout your transition out of the program.

“In general, professionals and managers have higher rates of stress, anxiety and depression than skilled, semiskilled and unskilled individuals.”4


Treatment is not over after only 4 to 6 weeks at Silver Hill Hospital — it is only the beginning of a longer-term commitment to therapy and recovery support for your mental health or substance use disorder.  The team at The Steward House and Silver Hill will continue to be available to you as a resource throughout your life.

After completing your time at The Steward House, you may feel re-energized and eager to jump back into work. You may feel great pressure to get caught up or pick up where you left off and prioritize work over your continued care needs. Unfortunately, repairing the damage caused from extended mental health problems and addiction requires time and persistent effort. Falling back into old habits almost always guarantees your symptoms will return. A rigorous post-discharge recovery plan provides critical structure and stability as you assimilate back to life outside of The Steward House.

To ensure your plan addresses your specific situation and needs outside of the program, we consult with your family, employer, and community providers throughout our treatment and discharge planning process. Typically, ongoing treatment and recovery plans include medication management, individual and couples psychotherapy, self-help meetings and other peer recovery support.

Other Housing Alternatives

Sometimes 4 to 6 weeks in the hospital is not a long enough time away from your prior living situations. In some situations, executives and professionals come to The Steward House after serious marital or family discord. It may be too soon to return home until your recovery is on stronger ground and your family relationships are reconciled. Or, if your home or social situations involve alcohol, drugs, or other highly dysfunctional behavior and could jeopardize your recovery.

If returning home immediately after The Steward House program is not the best option, your team at The Steward House can recommend a high-quality therapeutic living residence nearby the hospital or your workplace.

Continuing Care and Recovery Support

We’re committed to supporting you through your transition out of our program as you continue on your journey to long-term recovery and health. To ensure your safe and meaningful transition, we work diligently with your community provider, family and workplace. It is absolutely essential for you to continue professional treatment and recovery support meetings at least for the first 12 months (and sometimes as a life-long commitment to your health) after a hospital-based treatment program.

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