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Why The Steward House?

Mental health problems and addiction are “equal opportunity” destroyers of lives, dreams and families. Even the strongest, most ambitious and resilient among us struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. In fact, a number of emotional and psychological problems are linked to high achievement in corporate, entrepreneurial, legal, medical and other demanding professional environments. Too often, these stewards of society hide their suffering behind achievement, unrealistic pressures, erratic behavior, and the fear of vulnerability.

If your struggle reaches a moment of crisis, a temporary refuge from your chaotic professional and personal life allows you to shift your energy towards your mental health and wellness. During this period of rigorous personal discovery, choosing a confidential treatment program where you feel safe, understood and comfortable is critical to your long-term recovery. An individualized program founded upon evidenced-based therapies and led by a best-in-class team of experts. A treatment program like The Steward House at Silver Hill.

What Makes The Steward House Unique?

Petra Pilgrim, M.D., Director of the Steward House discusses the unique intensive professional treatment and care provided at The Steward House at Silver Hill.


A refuge for healing designed for leaders like you

Our transitional living program is designed exclusively for leaders. Here, you will undergo treatment among a small community of peers facing similar struggles—peers who understand the unique occupational challenges and emotional burdens that come along with being responsible for a large group of people. The compassionate, private environment is free from major stressors and triggers, providing a safe, confidential refuge for healing.

The strength of three venerable institutions.

The Steward House program represents the collaboration of Silver Hill Hospital, Yale New Haven Health and the Department of Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. The program uniquely weds the distinctive professionalism and environment of Silver Hill Hospital, one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the northeast and beyond, with the innovative clinical leadership of Yale Psychiatry, one of the top programs in the U.S. Together, this dedicated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and counselors, are equipped to treat even the most complex mental health cases.

Explore The Steward House

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Video Tour of The Steward House
  • A steward is someone who has significant responsibility for the well being, livelihood, health and success of other people. So, we like to say when people walk through the door, the focus is entirely on you for the time that you're with us. It's a much smaller number of treatment programs which are more focused on providing an intensive level of professional treatment in a comfortable surrounding. We see ourselves as stepping into the role of stewarding the stewards, our patients, back to a position of being able to return to work and to family.

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