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Successful partnerships lead to successful outcomes

At The Steward House, we value strong collaboration with healthcare providers and believe partnership is integral to successful treatment and positive outcomes. A patient’s treatment begins with you and continues with you after discharge. Maintaining regular communication helps ensure your patient’s safe and smooth transition both into the program and back to your care. From initial diagnosis through admission and until discharge, we partner with you every step of the way.

Executives and high-status professionals have it all, right?

Not so when it comes to securing appropriate help for mental health and addiction problems. While high-achieving individuals have ready access to many more life opportunities, experiences and services than other groups, one major exception is access to high-quality, specialized treatment programs. While they are plagued as often and severely as other occupational groups, they face a unique set of challenges securing timely and appropriate treatment.

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When you refer an executive or professional patient to The Steward House, you can:

  • Rely on us to provide an accurate evaluation, full diagnostic assessment and treatment plan specific to your patient
  • Be confident your patient’s care involves evidence-based therapies
  • Be assured of our full commitment to confidentiality and your client’s privacy
  • Know members of our expert clinical staff are available to patients and to you 24/7
  • Depend on us to foster an active dialogue with you every step of the way
  • Look forward to satisfied patients and positive treatment outcomes
  • Trust your patients will be treated with dignity and respect
  • Know our program offers the collective strength of Silver Hill Hospital, Yale New Haven Health and Yale School of Medicine
  • Count on our ability to treat even the most complex and difficult clinical presentations
  • Be certain that family participation in patient recovery is fully supported through regular meetings and specialized programs
  • Expect a transition record that includes the final diagnosis and medication within 24 hours of discharge and a comprehensive discharge summary within 3 business days

“Studies suggest 10% of top executives are drug- or alcohol-impaired.”2

What societal trends indicate about the mental health of executives

John H. Krystal, MD of Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine talks about societal trends leading to a greater need for mental health and addiction treatment programs like The Steward House at Silver Hill.

  • So this is kind of a transformative moment for mental health and addictions in our society. We've recognized that depression is the single most disabling medical condition. The death rate for depression and addiction is going up and its going up substantially. And we really need to get a hold of that. I think one of the reasons that we have such a huge problem with mental illness and addiction in our society is that we tend to ignore it. We hope it will go away on its own. We hope it’s a problem that will just solve itself if we don't pay attention. We need to look it right in the face and institute the kinds of treatments that really can have a transformative positive effect on people's lives and their productivity and their families and their long term health. I think that this program, The Steward House, is a great place to do that.

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Petra Pilgrim, M.D.

Director of Steward House

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